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Every once in a while a pop song bursts in from outer space to stop you in your tracks, and lift you to higher state of exhilaration. ‘Frequency’, the debut single from Bielfield is that song. A supremely funky and spirited release which boasts a feel-good energy and highlights a phenomenal new talent, unlike anyone else you’ve ever heard before. Bielfield is an US-born, singer/songwriter with a prodigious talent, signed to Sony Music Australia, getting ready to break out of Australia, ahead of his global rise to pop stardom.

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Bielfield is a self-confessed pop fanatic who’s written and performed pop music from an early age. Recognised for his musicality and talent, he went on to at attend New York University as an Undergraduate, before attending the prestigious Julliard School for his Masters Degree. Over the years Bielfield released a couple of specialist albums and performed around the globe, but after completing his classical training he decided it was time to try something else and return to his love of pop.

Now living in his ‘adopted-home’ of Sydney since early 2014, Bielfield has spent time developing his pop musical-identity.

“It took a long time for me to work out the right style of music of me. It was really tough but it’s really come together as something I’m proud to call my own. I feel like it’s actually a different person making this record to who I was a few years ago. I’m from Miami and so all we ever listen to on the radio is pop or R&B music. It’s that side of me that’s making music right now, and I’m loving it.”

Breaking new ground, Bielfield possesses an incredible five-octave range vocal, similar to that of Mariah Carey and Celine Dion, and is thought to be the first male artist to record with such ability.

“Some days I actually have a six-octave range! It really depends on the day, because some days I lose my whistle-tones. I’ve never heard a grown man use that kinda range before and I’m pretty sure no other man has recorded whistle-tones before. In that sense I think what I’m doing is quite unique’

Lead single ‘Frequency’ is an irresistible pop/R&B affair; a feel-good slice of Maroon 5—esque pop which, aside from showcasing Bielfield’s talents, is sure to bring a smile to people’s faces.

“It actually wasn’t meant to be the first single at all, but Sony just loved it. The way the bass drops really low in the song is just in such opposition the high whistle-tones in my voice, and in that sense it makes so much sense that the single is titled ‘Frequency’.

With the stars aligning, it all looks as if Bielfield is ready to take the world by storm with his own style of unique feel-good pop.

“I didn’t go into this project just on a whim. This is something I truly love to do and want to challenge myself with. I want to explore pop sounds and push the boundaries. I want to be a part of people’s days; waking them up in the mornings with strong melodies that make them feel good and lift their spirits.

“We all owe it to ourselves to explore our talents. I’m a singer, and I want to sing – that’s just who I am.”

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